Fleet Optimiser – Self Diagnostic

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1. Is there one person or department that takes responsibility for Fleet Management within your organisation?
2. Does your organisation have structured criteria in place for Vehicle Selection - taking into account ‘Fit For Purpose’ and ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ considerations?
3. Is the utilisation of fleet vehicles consistently monitored within your organisation to drive efficiencies?
4. Does your organisation provide any employees with a car allowance or reimburse them for costs associated with using their own vehicle for business purposes?
5. Do you have a comprehensive and current Motor Vehicle Policy which you believe covers both driver obligations and the organisations policies?
6. Do you believe your organisation has a good understanding and policy relating to its ‘Duty of Care’ under the Work, Health and Safety Act?
7. Has your organisation made changes to its motor vehicle fleet in the last couple of years – such as introducing vehicle pooling, more fuel-efficient vehicles and/or a sustainability/environmental policy?