Strategic Fleet Solutions

In a world that is constantly changing, fleet solutions can help move your fleet toward best practice, and keep it there.

The need for “contactless” transport options all demonstrate how the application of vehicles, and the roles they are capable of fulfilling, is constantly changing in ways we would never have imagined. But it is very much today’s reality and a source of genuine competitive advantage.

The vehicle market and fleet management industry is undergoing unprecedented change, including:

Vehicle technological enhancements such as driver automation
An increased range of hybrid and electric vehicles
The deployment of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)
Dealership group consolidation
Manufacturer rationalisation
Emerging technological connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT)
Availability of sophisticated fleet management systems that deliver enhanced
fleet management capability to all fleet sizes

The commodisation for FMO product offerings
Acknowledgement of liability for ‘Grey Fleet’ vehicles

Australian Fleet Management Association - AFMA

Whether managing your fleet in-house or via a Fleet Management Organisation, Fleet Advisory provides independent, expert advice so you can save money, minimise risk and improve efficiency.