Strategic Fleet Solutions

In a world that is constantly changing, fleet solutions can help move your fleet toward best practice, and keep it there. The need for “contactless” transport options all demonstrate how the application of vehicles, and the roles they are capable of fulfilling, is constantly changing in ways we would never have imagined. But it is very much today’s reality and a source of genuine competitive advantage.

The vehicle market and fleet management industry is undergoing unprecedented change, including:

Vehicle technological enhancements such as driver automation
An increased range of hybrid and electric vehicles
The deployment of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)
Dealership group consolidation
Manufacturer rationalisation
Emerging technological connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT)
Availability of sophisticated fleet management systems that deliver enhanced fleet management capability to all fleet sizes
The commodisation for FMO product offerings
Acknowledgement of liability for ‘Grey Fleet’ vehicles

Fleet Solutions

Grey Fleet

The term Grey Fleet has only come into the Australian lexicon in the last few years. The term refers to any vehicle used occasionally or regularly by employees for work purposes, including their own vehicles and hire cars.

Why is Grey Fleet important?

Under common law and in accordance with the Australian Work Health and Safety Act 2011, organisations have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment and to ensure that the public at large is not put at risk from the organisation’s transportation activities.

The duties of employers to employees is to ensure that where employees work is safe and without risks (and by definition, this includes vehicles and grey fleet vehicles).

Mobility Solutions

One of the maturing aspects of this change is the rise of “mobility solutions”. This includes the use of pool vehicles, ride-hailing, ride-sharing, vehicle subscription, public transport, peer to peer rental, and Fleet as a Service (FaaS).

While this provides organisations a new landscape of choice and flexibility, it also introduces a level of complexity that might sound great but is difficult to convert in the real world. This reinforces the need to understand the best options for your organisation.

At the same time, the fleet management market is undergoing considerable disruption arising from a reduction in traditional corporate fleet vehicles, consolidation of suppliers, increased levels of digitalisation, and the perceived commodisation of product/service offerings.

Fleet Solutions Services

We work with our clients to identify the best solutions to help them meet their objectives, some examples include:

Project Management
Providing Outsourced Services
Novated Lease Introduction and Education
Implementing a Fleet Management System
Aligning Requirements with Alternative Finance Models and Fleet Alternatives, Including Mobility Options

Negotiating Improved Pricing Arrangements with FMOs, Fuel Providers, Dealerships, and Maintenance Providers
Developing a ‘safety first’ culture through policy development, monitoring systems, education, and driver training

Deploying Fleet Monitoring Solutions
Formulating a New Motor Vehicle Policy

Guiding The Transition to Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Developing a Strategic Plan For The Management of The Fleet
Training Staff Responsible for Fleet Management in Key Principles, Savings Opportunities, and Risk Management Strategies

FBT Management & Optimisation
Formulating a Fleet Management Plan
Streamlining Administrative Procedures

Strategies for Addressing Grey Fleet Concerns
Mobile App Deployment for Driver Enablement
Implementing Pool Vehicle Management Systems and Processes

Are Your Fleet Solutions In Order?

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