Client Stories

$20K Savings in 2 Days

‘Transition Fleet Decisions From Organisation Leader’

Our client had an ageing fleet, a combination of funding arrangements, substantial vehicle under-utilisation, minimal cost control mechanisms, no motor vehicle policy and a need to transition fleet decision making away from the organisation leader.

‘Restructure Leasing Arrangements’

To address these problems we conducted a comprehensive “Fleet Optimiser Assessment” review and identified multiple areas for improvement such as the identification of specific critically under-utilised vehicles and opportunities to re-structure their leasing arrangements.

‘$20K savings in 2 days & $60K Annual Savings’

Our approach realised $20,000 in savings through lease re-structuring in the first two days. We identified considerable under-utilisation across the fleet and formulated recommendations to decrease the fleet size by 15%, resulting in a further annual saving of approximately $60,000.

$300K+ Savings Over 5 Years

A fleet review for a company with 180 passenger and light commercial vehicles uncovered potential savings of $300,000+ over 5 years by implementing practical changes to vehicle choices and contract utilisation, including:

✓ A change in light commercial vehicle model, saving $70 per month per vehicle
✓ Extending light commercial and low usage passenger vehicles to 5 year contracts
✓ Replacing 4WD SUVs with 2WDs
✓ Substituting vans with a lower cost alternative

Australian Fleet Management Association - AFMA

$200,000+ Savings Over 3 Years

Following a comprehensive fleet review for a large national fleet, we implemented a dedicated vehicle fleet to replace numerous under-utilised company vehicles, saving an estimated $200,000+ over 3 years.

Reporting was established to ensure regular monitoring of pool vehicle utilisation and cost-effectiveness by region, along with compliance practices for driver identification and management.

Whether managing your fleet in-house or via a Fleet Management Organisation, Fleet Advisory provides independent, expert advice so you can save money, minimise risk and improve efficiency.