Grey Fleet Consulting

The term Grey Fleet has only come into the Australian lexicon in the last few years. The term refers to any vehicle used occasionally or regularly by employees for work purposes, including their own vehicles and hire cars.

Why is Grey Fleet important?

Under common law and in accordance with the Australian Work Health and Safety Act 2011, organisations have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment, and to ensure that the public at large is not put at risk from the organisation’s transportation activities.

The duties of employers to employees are to ensure that where employees work is safe and without risks, and by definition this includes company and grey fleet vehicles.

Since COVID influenced changes in workplace arrangements, we have seen a significant
increase in the use of personal vehicles but note most organisations do not have a firm
understanding of their responsibilities and risks.

Fleet Advisory is to review existing client arrangements and provide advice to
Grey Fleet, the organisation’s ‘duty of care’, key considerations
and risks, policy
implementation etc.

AfMA Accredited Individual Member

Whether managing your fleet in-house or via a Fleet Management Organisation, Fleet Advisory provides independent, expert advice so you can save money, minimise risk and improve efficiency.