Fleet Consulting

As expert Fleet Consulting service providers, we accept that every fleet is unique.

Improving real-world fleet operations and fleet outcomes requires a tailored, eyes open approach. As part of our strategic Fleet Consultancy practice, we have developed a proprietary six-step Fleet Management Review Framework.

Every Fleet Consultant will utilise this framework to undertake a comprehensive and holistic fleet assessment, aimed at identifying the specific solutions necessary to deliver tangible outcomes for each organisation we work with.

Fleet Consulting

Fleet Consulting Services

Fleet Strategy & Planning

The primary role of the fleet is to support the achievement of your organisational objectives. Therefore, it is important to begin with a review of the current Fleet Management Plan, including details of:

Fleet funding
Asset lifecycle management, including operating systems and processes
Risk management considerations
Employee benefits
Financial considerations (including FBT)

Novated Leasing for employees, Environmental Policy, Grey Fleet, Mobility Solutions, and any strategy to transition to alternative fuel technologies are also commonly considered.

Once you understand these objectives, any planning for tenders (RFP/RFTs) becomes more targeted and easier to communicate with vendors.

Risk Management & Compliance

Duty of Care obligations and legislation are placing greater scrutiny and liability on organisations and employees.

To effectively manage these risks, it’s crucial to assess how fleet operating processes relating to Fleet Policy, Driver Safety & Management, Accident Management and Infringement Management are impacting your risk profile.

This allows clear and unambiguous documentation of risks and how to effectively drive mitigation strategies and areas for ongoing action.

Cost Reduction & Management

Our fleet consulting services focus on generating sustainable short and long-term fleet cost reductions.

Vehicle Selection is the most common starting point. Understanding Whole of Life Costing (WOLC) and Fit for Purpose requirements are pivotal to driving meaningful cost reductions and control across a vehicle’s lifecycle. Vehicle Utilisation is also assessed to determine both fleet performance and cost-saving opportunities.

Operating procedures relating to vehicle procurement, maintenance, retention life, and disposal are reviewed to determine opportunities for improved cost management. Fuel purchasing arrangements and the purchase of other consumables are also a common source of cost savings.

Operating Procedures & Effectiveness

We review fleet operating procedures to assess your capacity to streamline fleet operations, saving administration effort, and real-dollar cost.

This includes driver operating instructions and communications, which are pivotal to management control practices.

Technology & Information Systems

Real improvements require solid information. Getting the right data, at the right time, takes the guesswork out of fleet planning.

The ability to make confident, evidence-based decisions, allows you to benchmark costs, utilisation, and other key factors with certainty.

The use of IVMS/Telematics and/or Pool Vehicle Booking systems can be incorporated.

Training & Ongoing Support

Optimum fleet outcomes are achieved when both culture and technology are combined.

When drivers and fleet management staff are engaged, cost benefits are more sustainable with fewer resources required for ongoing management. That’s why we tailor clear staff communications, to explain the changes made, the reason for change, and their role in driving improved fleet performance.

Our goal in each situation is to ensure a “transfer of knowledge” that empowers your staff to take your fleet to the next level and keep it there.

Need Strategic Fleet Consulting?

Fleet Advisory provides the genuine fleet domain expertise required to deliver improved business outcomes to large and small businesses, Not-for-profit organisations, and government entities. Consider how the following Fleet Consulting service case studies may apply to your own organisation:

Case Study 1 – Cost Reduction

As part of a fleet review for a company with 180 passenger and light commercial vehicles, Paul and his team identified potential savings of more than $300,000 over 5 years. These savings were achieved by implementing practical changes to both vehicle choices and contract utilisation. Our recommendations included:

A change in light commercial vehicle model representing a saving of $70 per month per vehicle
Extending light commercial vehicles to a 5-year contract term
Replacing 4WD SUVs with 2WDs
Substituting their current vans with a lower cost alternative
Extending selected low usage passenger vehicles to a 5-year contract term

Case Study 2 – Risk Management & Compliance

A large organisation operating across Australia and New Zealand engaged the team to develop a telematics solution (In-Vehicle Management System). Our solution, which included the development of customised monthly reporting, enabled the organisation to easily identify and address high-risk driver behaviour (particularly speeding). We introduced enhanced frontline management practices that improved driver safety and reduced both their accident rate and vehicle downtime.

Case Study 3 – Vehicle Utilisation

Following a comprehensive fleet review for a large national fleet, Paul and his team worked with their client to implement a dedicated pool vehicle fleet to replace numerous under-utilised company vehicles. The estimated savings were more than $200,000 over 3 years. Reporting was established to ensure regular monitoring of pool vehicle utilization and cost-effectiveness by region, along with compliance practices for driver identification and management.

Optimise Your Fleet Now

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We offer strategic fleet consulting services that result in tangible outcomes, increased efficiency, and cost savings for your organisation.