Fleet Operations Consulting

Fleet Operations consulting optimises crucial elements consisting of systems and processes that make up the operational efficiencies of the fleet. In many cases, businesses and other organisations rely on staff with a range of other duties to manage their motor vehicle fleet, often without providing any specialised training or expertise to develop their understanding of fleet management key drivers. While these staff may employ their best efforts, sometimes fleet operating costs get out of control, and critical risk management aspects are not fully considered until a major issue arises.

An effective fleet operations strategy requires understanding and planning of all aspects within the operational fleet lifecycle. 

There is a range of fundamental fleet cost and risk management drivers that can be identified:

Optimal Vehicle Selection
Fit for Purpose Specifications
Vehicle Utilisation Analysis
Pool Car Management
Telematics Deployment and Operational Management
Driver Safety, Training, and Management
Accident Management
Infringement Management
Outsourcing Options
In Life Operations
FBT Reporting

Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations Services

Supply Chain Management and Tender Preparation/Evaluation

Have you been on contract with your Fleet Management Organisation (FMO) for more than two years? If the answer is "Yes" it's likely that Fleet Advisory will be able to negotiate a better deal for you! With comprehensive experience working within Fleet Management Organisations, we understand the pricing mechanisms better than most and work for our clients to negotiate a better deal. Fleet Operating Costs can be greatly reduced with our consulting services as we understand the ins and outs for delivering amazing results.

Fleet Advisory offers a full suite of tender services, providing clients with the option to involve us as little or as much as they prefer, including:

Preparation of Tender (RFP/RFT/RFQ/EOI) Documents
Evaluation of Submissions
Business Case Formulation and Recommendations
Contract Negotiation
Expert Advice to The Evaluation Panel

We also work across vehicle procurement, fuel purchasing, maintenance programs, and other "in life" purchasing arrangements to implement cost reductions and increase operational effectiveness.

Project Management

Need help with a project? Fleet Advisory has in-depth experience in project management (Waterfall & Agile) of large projects including product and distribution channel development, process improvement, capital investment, and fleet restructuring.

Ongoing Support

Where additional and/or ongoing support is required, Fleet Advisory can tailor a flexible approach to provide the necessary services to the business, including implementation oversight, follow-up, and monitoring of ongoing areas of improvement.

Staff Training and Coaching

Fleet Advisory places a heavy emphasis on ensuring clear communication and targeted training is in place with all employees involved with the fleet, including drivers. The intention is to empower staff in the management of the fleet through a "transfer of knowledge".

Driver Safety & Management

Formulating a comprehensive approach to driver safety and management is a fundamental priority for Fleet Advisory, improving both employee engagement and enabling improved compliance. We also work with specialist in driver training and education to deliver ‘hands-on’ practical skills and techniques, where required.


For small to medium-size fleets, Fleet Advisory offers a comprehensive range of outsourced management services, including:

Vehicle Acquisition
Fuel Purchasing Arrangements
Operations Management
Vehicle Disposal
Utilisation Reporting and Analysis

Get Your Fleet Operations In-Tune

Fleet Advisory can help to reduce your fleet operating costs and improve your fleet's performance.

Our experts know how to analyse your efficiencies and to fine-tune them into specialised systems and processes that deliver an optimised and operational fleet.