What Is Fleet Management Consulting?

Most people have heard of management consulting but some wonder about what fleet management consulting is all about.

Lets start with fleet management – at a high level, it is the set of processes and procedures required to manage all fleet information and fleet vehicle assets from acquisition through to disposal - the fleet asset lifecycle.

Optimal fleet management ensures the delivery of safe, fit for purpose, reliable, compliant and efficient mobile workplace solutions.

As fleet costs are generally a major expense of any business, not for profit organisation or government entity it is critical that the motor vehicle fleet be structured and managed effectively to support the organisations’ strategic objectives, while keeping costs under control.

In any cases, these organisations have to rely on staff with a range of other duties to manage their motor vehicle fleet, often without providing any specialised training or expertise to develop their understanding of fleet management key drivers.

While these staff may employ their best efforts, sometimes fleet operating costs get out of control, and critical risk management aspects are not fully considered until a major issue arises.

What Is Fleet Management Consulting

How Can A Fleet Management Consultant Help Me?

A Fleet Management Consultant can assist an organisation to save money in procurement and running costs, avoid the risk of legislative non – compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act while also implementing best practice/best fit solutions to maximise efficiency, utilisation and productivity.

We focus on delivering improved Return On Investment (ROI) on fleet assets. Formulating and documenting a fleet strategy, along with relevant policies and/or standard operating procedures is also a key feature of the work we do, delivering both tangible and intangible benefits across the organisation.

Consider the following range of fundamental fleet cost and risk management drivers that may be relevant to the management of your fleet:

• Optimal vehicle selection
• Fit for Purpose vehicle specifications
• Vehicle utilisation analysis
• Pool vehicle management
• In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)
• Driver safety
• Accident management
• Infringement management
• Grey fleet
• WHS ‘duty of care’
• Motor vehicle policy
• FBT Reporting

Are you across all these issues? For more information or to get help managing your fleet contact us.